September 25, 2022

A Porsche 959 Is The Ultimate Craigslist Find

Normally when a Craigslist ad is posted in the CAM staff group chat, it’s something cool but not necessarily unobtanium.  Dan, LeMons correspondent/driver, threw this in, and my God…

What you see here is a Porsche 959.  For those who don’t know: the 959 is an all wheel drive, twin turbo Porsche that was going to be the mark’s Group B entry.  But when the FIA canned the series, they took it to the Paris-Dakar Rally where in 1986 they finished 1-2.  They made a racing variant, the 961, which took first in class and seventh overall at the 1986 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

This is a Komfort version, meaning it’s a road going version.  And as you can see by this interior, it’s as 80’s tastic as your favorite episode of The Transformers.  It only has 6323 miles, and has never been restored according to the seller.

The car comes with everything: records, manuals, the original first aid kit (might not want to trust it, but definitely cool), and even a car cover!  The seller also claims that this was formerly of the Patrick collection in the UK, and received a $100k service from Porsche Classic in Germany, before coming to the US.  

If you’ve got a spare $1,250,000, this thing can be yours.  Gotta love the randomness of Craigslist.

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