July 27, 2021

A Goddess Among Subarus: Abeona, Megan’s ’15 STI

This 2015 STI is a lot of things.  It’s the culmination of a long life journey, full of some of the pitfalls we all fall in to.  It’s the green light across the harbor, except it’s not an unattainable goal in a book we had to read in high school.  It’s what we all want: something to call and make our own.  

What ever that may mean.  In Megan’s case, it meant building a fun, reliable daily driver, then hitting it with some flavor you don’t see much of at all: Itasha.  We’ll get to that in a minute, let’s go back to the beginning…

Megan Lalock is originally from a city notable for throwing batteries at Santa Claus: Philadelphia.  It was there that her dad instilled a love of cars in her by always working on cars.  From there she started building and racing Hondas. “I just always had a good time being a female in a male dominated world and being able to hang ‘with the big boys’.”  And then she started dating a fella.  A fella who said “cars are kind of silly, why don’t you put your money into something that is worth it.”

And like we’ve all done, she listened.  “I sold ALLLL my car parts. I got out of the car game and I would lustfully look at any Evo, Sti, Honda, etc. that went by and gave me the ” Good old days” vibe.”  Thankfully, she’s moved on to a better guy.  A guy who is down for cars, and a change of scenery.  She decided to grab her dream car, and make a break for the west!  Unfortunately, that didn’t go quite according to plan…

“After buying a used 2014 STi that blew up on me the same day I bought it, I finally landed on my 15 STi.”  With a warranty in her pocket, and the open road ahead of her, she made her journey.  And when she got here, she started working at the best place for a Subaru enthusiast that isn’t an idiot: RallySport Direct.

Being that RallySport’s motto is “Life’s Too Short To Stay Stock”, her STI didn’t remain that way for long. “About 2 years ago I started on the upgrades with the bolt ons and some minor JDM parts. I had the car tuned by Simple Performance and they got me the exact power I wanted ( 365 whp/ 348 tq) and I was pretty good as far as the car goes.” And then she started driving in AutoX events, where she realized 1) she likes racing and 2) the STI was never going to be both a competitive AutoX car AND a nice daily driver.  So she scooped up a 2.5RS, and kept the STI as the daily.

Ok, now we get to the lady on the car.  Megan wanted to keep modifying the car, but didn’t want more engine mods.  She went with something cosmetic, and unique around here: this Itasha wrap.  Itasha, very basically, is adorning your car with cute, female anime, manga, or video game characters.  Watch this Noriyaro video to see how it gets done in Japan, and for a better explanation.  ANYWAY, “I always secretly LOVED Itasha and doing a character I loved on my car. I approached my marketing department at work, and my President of the company, and wanted to start with my vision.”  

Megan wanted Elizabeth Bathroy from Fate: Grand Order on the car, but needed a designer to help her out.  Stucky recommended a woman by the name of Dani for the task.  Megan and Dani got to work on the design.  They produced what you see, and Micah at Inkwise Graphics made it a reality in a short amount of time.  “We had a week to really make this happen before our RSD Meet and Greet so time was literally of the essence and I don’t know how show people do this. It was so stressful and just all around nerve wracking wondering if I would get this done. She came together great though and she looks awesome.” 

The car is named Abeona, which is a fitting name for a car that she took on a 2600 mile trip.  Abeona is the Roman Goddess of outward journeys, who watches over a child’s steps, and protects travelers.  May she keep watch over Megan as she continues on the journey that is life.

Abeona 2015 Subaru WRX STI

  • Owner: Megan Lalock (@missjinxed)
  • Power: 365 horsepower, 348 lb/ft torque
  • Tuned at Simple Performance
  • Power adders
    • SteamSpeed STX 67+ Turbo
    • Perrin Turbo Inlet
    • DeatschWerks DW1000cc fuel injectors
    • Process West Fuel Rails, TGV Deletes, Top Mount Intercooler, and Cold Air Intake
    • Cobb FPR kit, and Fuel Pump
    • Grimmspeed Ceramic Coated Up- and Downpipe
    • Tomei Equal Length Header, and Exhaust
  • Suspension
    • Ohlins Road and Track Coilovers
    • Perrin 22mm Solid Sway Bar (rear)
    • Whiteline Lower Control Arms, and Steering Rack Bushings
    • Beatrush Pitch Stop and Transmission Mounts
  • Wheels and JDM Goodies
    • Advan TC3, custom anodized blue, 18×9 +25
    • JDM Push Button Start, Oil Cap, and Foglights with Daytime Running Lights
  • Exterior
    • Seibon Carbon Fiber Fenders
    • 2018 STI Front Bumper
    • Maxton Design Front Lip
    • OLM Corona Foglights
  • Shoutouts
    • Micah at InkWise Graphics
    • Armor Coatings
    • RallySport Direct

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