December 4, 2022

The Staff

CAM stands for Cars And Modifications because we love modified cars. CAMautoMag was started by Trent and Mike, friends who have always had a passion for cars no matter what type of car it is. From Honda to Koenigsegg, they love it. We want to share our passion for modified cars with you by bringing you the latest and greatest modified vehicles.

Trent Bray: Co-Founder, Webmaster, Editor, Writer

trent bray

Trent began his obsession with cars at a very young age, but he first started modifying with his go-kart at age 13 trying to make it faster and different. Now a car doesn’t pass through his hands without being modified. More recently, you can find him at Hustle Energy

Michael Chandler: Co-Founder, Photographer, Writer, Event Coverage, CAMCast Hostmike chandler

My name is Michael Chandler, and I am the Director of Photography. What that means is I shoot most of the photos, from features to track days. I’ve been a car guy since I started talking, and I’ve been shooting photos seriously since high school.

Johnny Northrup: Writer

johnny northrop

Johnny has ALWAYS been crazy into cars. Always dreaming of the next project, he has a vision for each car he gets….sometimes it is a gift, other times a curse. Whatever the case he has a broad appreciation for all cars and would be very dangerous with a handful of money and a big garage. His weakness seems to be Sleepers and certain underdog cars that people sometimes make fun of, or have never heard of.
April 26, 1969-July 20, 2012

Nick Cherpeski: Northwest Photographer, Contributor

I love horsepower, shiny objects, the smell of burnt rubber, race gas, dead cow and beer. And getting my hands dirty on making things look better and go faster. And I love lamp.

Tommy Ratsapasith: Photographer, Contributortommyw00t

Always looking ahead with new projects in mind from owning a handful of imports to wandering the pits, Tommy’s passion for Sport Compact and Import cars have continuously grown over the years. A true enthusiast with a love for screeching tires and exhaust fumes, you’re sure to find him at the next event.

Dave Rawley: Photographer, Contributor, CAMCast Co-Hostdave rawley

Dave is the kind of guy that will sacrifice his body for anything. Whether it be fixing the cooling system on an E39 BMW, or eating the hottest chicken wings known to man. He is also quick with the words and smarter than we give him credit for. Ask him about ANY engine swap/car combo and he’s probably already figured out the logistics of said swap.


Joey Harrington: Correspondent

Joey Harrington CAM profile pic

DJ, meme provider, and resident JDM guru, Joey is our Jack of all trades.  Be it shuttling us around in his UCF10 LS400, or just having story ideas bounced off of him, Joey is always there when we need him.  He’s been promoted from unpaid intern to correspondent, but will still be treated as an intern

Gavin Pouquette: Track Day Contributor


Gavin has quickly become a valuable member of the CAMautoMag team.  Covering track day events, ranging from local club racing, to regional endurance races, even national races; Gavin is there to provide some amazing photos.  He also has a “dank box of memes”, which is something the kids consider “lit”.

Brandon Kuhn: Photographer, Miata owner, Man of Many Things

Brandon is the builder of our new podcast table, the one who made the basement less of an electrical danger, and grabs photos at a bunch of events. He also does nerdy stuff with us, but that’s a story for another website.

Christian Murphy: Photographer, friend from afar, used to own Trent’s old 1 Series

This handsome devil is a recent addition, but he’s been floating around the CAM friends circle for a while. In addition to just being super talented with a camera, he bought Trent’s 128i. That was neat.

Zack Lords: Audio engineer, giant child, Col. Eddie Dean, video goon

Zack asked to come WATCH the podcast one day, and since then he’s been like a bad penny. But he’s been more useful than a bad penny: he runs the mixing board during the podcast, and makes videos for us.