July 27, 2021

CAMcast 257: The Bootleg Cast!

(NSFW) Welcome back to the podcast that is taking into account the health and well being of the other people who live where it’s recorded! Mike and Zack played a road game, and recorded this one at Mike’s girlfriend’s apartment, so sorry in advance if there are any audio issues. On this episode the guys talk about the rise of eSports in this bleak racing hellscape we’re living in, twin turbo C8 corvettes, the bargain of a lifetime, and SCIENCE!

Here are some, but not all, of the places you should help out during these tough times:

  • Sedep
  • Nip n Tuck Performance
  • Reflected Image Motorsports
  • Flatout Automotive
  • Makes & Models
  • Wing Coop
  • R&R Barbecue
  • Lonestar Taqueria
  • La Cocina
  • Dragon Diner
  • Asian Potato
  • Pretty much any Asian restaurant, because a lot of people are being racist dicks
  • MRS Hobby
  • West Valley Hobby
  • Minus World Games
  • Game Changerz
  • DVD & Games Exchange
  • World Game Store

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