June 13, 2021

CAMcast 272: Where’s My Journey Hellcat?

(NSFW) Dodge has seemingly one mission: shove the Hellcat running gear into everything.  Well, almost everything.  Kia is giving us a hot new sedan, despite new car sales for the last few months being terrible (at best).  We had the first IndyCar/NASCAR double header, and F1 came back, so that means Uncle Pizza Touchy Brandon has come out of the woods to join Mike and Zack!

We’re also giving away a copy of Eric Teti’s AE86 Corolla ‘zine 7600+.  All you gotta do is share a heartwarming/wholesome story from a car get together you went to with us at [email protected], and one of you will get the ‘zine, as well as some CAM stuff!

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