July 27, 2021

Doin’ Hard Time

    As I talked about in the Cars N Copters coverage post, more happened to make it an interesting trip. This is that story. 

    Being that I wanted to have a fun car after flying into Long Beach, I wanted to get something that will fit in with all the PCH Bentley’s and Ferrari’s, but on a Buick budget. That led to a Polaris Slingshot on Turo. The price was right, and despite not being too fast, the fun factor is high. I had fun…for 3 hours…

    Tommy picked me up from the airport at 8am, I went and picked up the Slingshot before we headed over to Lamborghini Newport Beach for their get together. We saw some great vehicles and headed out. Wanting to get one last look, we drove by the show again and were greeted by a Costa Mesa motorcycle police vehicle with it’s lights flashing. 

     Pulling into a parking lot, the police officer took my license and the supplemental insurance provided through Turo. He came back shortly after to tell me how wrong I am for not having a helmet in a motorcycle(which the Slingshot technically is), how the vehicle isn’t registered, there’s no insurance according to the DMV, and that he would be impounding the vehicle and assessing over $1000 in fines!

     Obviously not how my trip was intended, especially since I was really looking forward to my time behind the wheel of this thing, I was smiling ear-to-ear up until that point. All my research beforehand said not to worry about a helmet because the Slingshot has seat belts and a roll bar. 

    Fortunately, the officer assessed the fines to owner of the vehicle, and not me, because my cheap Turo rental would have gone quite over budget. Finally getting ahold of the owner as his Slingshot was being loaded onto a flatbed, he was very nonchalant. He apologized profusely and mentioned the only vehicle he had available to rent to me was a C7 Corvette Convertible…with an automatic…

    I was hesitant and thought long and hard about just getting my money back and riding in Tommy’s Honda Element over the weekend. Then I relented and met up with him to get the keys to the Corvette. I am glad that I did.

     This Corvette had 27,000 miles of rental use, and Corvette’s aren’t known for high quality interiors. The C7 tried to change this reputation, and if this made me nod in agreement. No squeaks, no rattles, just pure speed! I’ve driven a C6 Z06 on several occasions, this felt faster! This was just a C7 Stingray, with an 8-Speed auto. Surely it can’t be this good. After about 400 miles in canyons, the PCH, and multiple people asking about the car and asking for pictures, I am a believer. I’m happy about my misfortune despite really wanting more time with the Slingshot. And now I can say I have had a car impounded.


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