July 27, 2021

GT Sport Challenge Season 2!

Season 2 of the CAM GT Sport Lap Time Challenge is upon us! This will be a 14 week championship consisting of 10 race weekends with 4 bye weeks mixed in. We will start out simple, but end with a grand finale the week of Le Mans (June 15)! Don’t you worry about making it every week, we all have lives (or pretend to), so we will be dropping everyone’s two lowest scoring weeks at the end of the season. There will be three forms of competition in this season.

Time Attack: Do whatever you want to the car and put it on any tires. It doesn’t matter to us what you do, it only matters that you put down a fast lap.

BOP: This applies to the the Group Cars. The setting of Balance of Performance must be proven enabled at the end of your lap video when submitting a Lap Time.

Lap Battle: New to this season is the Lap Battle. This will be a combination of two consecutive laps. Times will be combined when being scored.

Week one begins now! We will be at the Red Bull Ring Short Course, any time of day, in the ND MX-5 N100 with Time Attack Rules.

All lap times must be submitted via YouTube, video from your phone of the TV won’t fly. If you need help figuring out how to upload to YouTube contact Evil Trent via Facebook, and he can walk you through it.

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