July 27, 2021

Hope. Change. 15 Year Import Law

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We all know about America’s draconian twenty-five year import law, but the brave hoonists at Petrolicious are trying to legislate change to bring our import law more in line with the fine folks who live in America’s hat.  And they’re not just getting up and saying “We want change because this isn’t fair!” They’re backing up their argument with these pesky things called facts that are so often hard to find on the internet.  Facts like:

German TUV approvals are tougher than our own, and include rear collision and rollover standards we don’t perform.

Both Europe and Japan also have special allowances for low volume imports.

That’s two sentences, and they provide a lot more weight than the “Canada has a fifteen year law” statement which is thrown out as the corner stone of forum arguments.  They also bring up another point, which is brilliant:

Many people may never personally import a car, but at least they would have the ability to do it.

You can have a lot of powerful firearms, in two states you can legally buy marijuana without a doctor’s note, and nobody is stopping you from hopping in your car right now and driving it across the country.  Why can’t we have the freedom to do it in a Toyota MkII or an Audi RS2?

Sign the petition not just for hooning, but for freedom!

Words and photos by Michael Chandler


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