June 13, 2021
Viper Refueling

I Hate This Car

I hate Trent’s Viper as much as it hates me. Why do I say it hates me? Well, let me give a few examples: on the road trip down to California it broke down so much that we wound up going over the Sierra Nevadas in the wee hours in the morning, in the 40 degree heat, and because the HVAC was/is terrible on that thing, I wound up flirting with hypothermia. On the way back we fixed a box with duct tape, and then got stuck in traffic in the blazing sun without A/C or a roof. We went for burritos, and not only did I have to push it away from the drive thru window, I had to push it across the parking lot so I could then push it so Trent could bump start it. This thing overheated in the dead of winter, probably because it is an affront to God. But I’ve never driven it, so I’m not sure how the giant, fiberglass penis actually goes.

This is a 2000 Pontiac GT. It is a tremendous pile made by GM in one of their weakest moments. It had 1 heated seat, the usual cheap GM plastic fantastic interior, all of the sliders on the radio, and suspension that was carrying over design mandates from the time where most American roads were dirt. My dad owned 2 of them, and it was one of the cars I learned to drive in. I’ve driven a lot of crap, but this was the worst thing I’ve ever driven. It was like GM made something to express how much they hated their customers. So, what was the most hateful car you’ve ever driven? We’ll be talking about the hateful cars we’ve driven on this week’s CAMcast, so let us know!

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