July 27, 2021

Ian’s Fixing Up A Corolla

Whilst down in Vegas, as Gavin was gallivanting around in a giant Lexus SUV, I ventured into the cut to hand out with Ian Perri at “the trap house”.  You remember Ian, he’s hard to forget.  Anyway, he has a Corolla coupe, and he’s doing stuff and things to it.

I got there as he was wiring up the headlights.  They go up and down, and they also have a party mode.  I was impressed, wiring is black magic in my eyes.  He also had the engine in place, but that’s all I’m going to say about that.  He swore me to secrecy, but there are some other things I can tell you about.  I.E. stuff I remember!*

The Bride seat came out of a kei truck, and has a Speedhunters lookin sticker on the right side of it.  Except it isn’t a Speedhunters sticker.  It says “SPINNERS”.  What it is is a mystery to us, so if you have any clue as to what it is, let us know.

Dope, but it’s a place holder.  It was at this point he decided to make the OEM grill fit into the new, smaller hole that the front bumper has left.  The professor grabbed his tools, and go to working in the lab.

Safety first.

After trimming, test fitting, more trimming, test fitting again, some light cursing, and more trimming, the grill fit.  Fit pretty good.

I left soon after the grill went in.  Twas dinner time for me, and he had a birthday party to go to.  It’s always good hanging out and doing car things with friends, especially when they’re doing double super secret car stuff.  As soon as Ian has the car up and ready, we’ll head back down and take more pictures of it and give you more details.  Until then, enjoy what’s here.



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*I can’t promise any accuracy in my memories.