June 13, 2021

Man vs Wall: The Salt City Drift RMR Finale

Last weekend was Rocky Mountain Raceway’s last Midnight Drags and the last Salt City Drift event at the facility.  Being that it was the last event at the venerable facility, everyone came out and tried their best to get as many runs and passes in as they could.  Many succeeded, but a few failed in that endeavor.  Let us talk about all of those people, and remember that there were no losers among those who came out!

After getting into the facility (which took forever because everyone who kept putting off driving at RMR realized that this was their last chance), we had the driver’s meeting.  Josh was not having any shit, and threatened to kick out anyone who held up the lines.  Why was he so adamant about not putting up with that kind of bullshit? Because there were more cars at this event than at any other SCD event!  KEEP IT MOVIN!!!

After the threats subsided, Dave grabbed the volunteers and gave them a briefing on what he was looking for.  Not sure who the hell that dancing guy is, but shoutout to you!.. You fuckin weirdo.  Also, shoutout to the guy who ran the start line for most of the night.  It’s a hard job, but he stepped up. 

He also had some moves!  LOOGIT THAT SEXY MOTHER FUCKER!!!!

And then we got to driving!  I managed to get a shot of Joshten’s no longer purple S14 before he blew his head gasket.  I didn’t shoot that many photos at night, mostly because I was shooting video!  It’ll be done eventually, and when that eventuality comes to pass you’ll be the fourth or fifth to know!

I an, intellectual/idiot, slept in my van.  My small van.  My small van that was full of stuff.  It wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t as bad as you’d think.  Morning came, and I was greeted with bacon and smiles from Josh Willette.  It was very welcomed.

Some of us went a different route…

Don’t worry, his sexy ass recovered.

Eventually everyone woke up/showed up, and a brief driver’s meeting was held.  And then we got to driving.

And there was much rejoicing.

Then the dude with the S13 Silvia (right hand drive and everything) ate the wall, and wound up on the news.  Then I went home, because I had other things to get done.  It was a fitting farewell.  Most everyone had a good time, and nothing burned to the ground.  RMR will be missed, but never forgotten.  

And now a big ass gallery!

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