September 25, 2022

NASA Utah Round 2 Bonus

It’s not all hot racing action during a NASA Utah weekend.  There’s downtime.  And lunch time.  Here’s some of that downtime stuff that you can experience when you come to a NASA Utah event (May 18-20)!  Let’s check out some stuff.

You get to see cool stuff, like these two Datsun Z’s.  You could get up close to the black one, and see how wide it is.

Sometimes cool stuff like this little kart roll by when you’re waiting in line for lunch at the taco truck.

You can wander around the Day Garages, and meet new friends.  Like the guys from Throttle Works.

Sometimes heartwarming moments unfold in front of you.  I was hanging out in the Lyfe garage, when this family came in.  They brought their son in, and Cole took some time to answer their questions and show their son around a Spec Z car.  Stuff like this happens all the time, families come in, the kids drool over the cars, and the parents talk to whoever is willing to answer their questions.

And then you have some of the people lining up their cars.  Be it Shane and Tyler, and their BMWs.  Or Darin, Tyler Posselli, and whoever it is in the yellow S2000.  And sometimes it’s someone like Makes & Models lining up their race cars, street cars, and customers’ cars in a gross display of awesomeness.

A track day, be it NASA Utah or any other organization that has proper track days, is more than what goes on on track.  Sometimes the coolest stuff happens in the paddock and the garages.  And you can only see it if you actually come to one!

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