September 25, 2022

SCD Round Whatever at UMC

Drifting is over!  At least in an organized sense.  Yes, the last event was that UMC event.  And despite me doing my regular media duties, and driving in one of the NASA Utah HPDE, I got some decent shots of the drifting.  From the sweet tandems, as seen above, to…

The ridiculousness that was The Bluegrass Express: Jordan’s open diff G35 sedan, that he took out with three passengers in it.  

There was inter-species communication!

… and spoopy things.

Scott has groupies.  He’s lying if he says any different.  JUST LOOGIT EM!

Good boys were everywhere!

GOOD BOY!!  Now here’s the gallery.  Want to buy a print, and help me to get out to events?  Well hit this link, and chip in!

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