August 2, 2021
CAM Nissan Cube Rear brace

Shown Daily: Nissan Cube

This is the feature that didn’t want to happen. CAMautoMag is based in Utah, but we travel to California frequently. This time, the trip was anything but normal. First of all, we were in the wrong town thanks to our over-reliance on Google Maps. We were a mere two-and-a-half hours away from where this Cube was actually located. Since we were in the wrong place, our planned spots went out the window. Then when we got to the correct location, the weather decided to turn to mush quickly. We improvised a spot, but the force of the wind wanted to throw the light stands to the ground and one did fall…in a puddle of water. Then the batteries on the camera and lights decided to pack up since it was too cold to work consistently. But, in spite of all of that, the Cube was ready to take on all challengers. Whether it’s the mean streets of L.A. or the equally as competitive show circuit, this Cube shines.
CAM Nissan Cube Cover

CAM Auto Mag Nissan CubeWorking from the outside in, this Nissan Cube sticks to the Nissan family when it comes to color choice. The owners Damian and Robin who have been showing cars for 10 years now, have a long line of Nissan vehicles and although this vehicle was originally silver, the Monterey Blue from the 370Z was a more striking hue. After seeing this vehicle, I can’t disagree. The color is favored with a set of 18″ Volk GT-N wheels in Gold. To add some contrast to the blue, the hood is made from carbon fiber. The front end mods compliment each other like peanut butter and jelly. The ATI grill melds into the Forjworks eyelids while the T-Rex lower grills clean up the bumper and catch all insect intruders.

Cube Big Brakes CAMThe bring the Cube down to Earth and give it the handling you wouldn’t expect, it has a set of Megan Racing springs with Tokico shocks. Sure that might be good for some people, but this is a box on wheels, it needs a little bracing when hitting the turns. Coming up to bat is a Nismo front strut bar and a bevy of Ultra Racing suspension braces and rear sway bar. This Cube is as stiff as…well, it’s stiff. Once you get up to speed, you need to slow it down. Calling on the Rotora Big Brake kit and Versaspeed stainless rear brake lines inspire the confidence needed and those brakes fill in the wheels giving it a tough look.

CAMAutoMag Cube underhoodPopping the hood and seeing stock doesn’t win you show trophies or street cred. That’s when you go to Fujita and have them supply you with an intake to let the motor breath. In addition, some dress up items add some underhood flair. To back up the flair, an OBX Header and downpipe connected to a DC Sports exhaust help propel this Cube down the road. An NST engine pulley lightens the load on the motor as well.

CAM Auto Carbon Fiber Steering WheelThe show must go on inside the vehicle as well. It’s loaded with a Kenwood deck and components in the rear. Kicker components take the front stage, and to bring up the bass, 2 Rockford-Fosgate 10″ subs and a Rockford-Fosgate amplifier deliver the goods. NRG brought their touch to the interior with pedals, e-brake handle, and a quick-release steering wheel hub that the custom carbon fiber steering wheel attaches to. An ATI Gauge pod with STRI gauges get you drunk on this show/street mixed drink concoction. Considering this Cube has been to Battle of the Imports and the SEMA Show twice now we’d say it’s a hit at the bar shows.

CAM Modified Nissan CubeWhether it’s on the streets or at the shows, this Cube knows how to get it done and straddle the street/show line, but with a daily Nissan XTerra now, the plans to make this even more unique will soon be executed.

Photos by Michael Chandler, Words and video by Trent Bray


Robin and Damian would like to thank:
Garm at Micro Image
Marc at ATI
David at TOKICO
William at DC SPORTS
Team Hybrid

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