June 13, 2021

So Good To Be Back: NASA Utah Round 4… or 2…

After a long winter, a spring that featured the outbreak of a global pandemic, and one round run without anyone except those who absolutely needed to be there, I finally made it out to Utah Motorsports Campus for a NASA Utah round. It felt awesome to be back out trackside, and to see my friends. Want to commemorate the weekend? Buy a photo from it!

And while it was good to be back out, it wasn’t exactly the same. Because of the whole end of the world thing, I was storming around with my Racing Chica neck gaiter up over my nose and mouth. Not a big deal, it’s probably going to be something I do every round from here on out. But it was weird seeing how things had to be to comply with the social distancing rules. Like HPDE meetings taking place in front of the cafe.

Or seeing the instructors in their own cars leading the students on track. I don’t have a great photo of this, but imagine seeing a competitive TT car doing parade lap after parade lap so the students could follow them on the line. And all of the people in masks. It was like seeing a remaster of your favorite movie: everything is still there, but there’s just something off about it…

That said, the on track action was pretty on point. A few things of note: Rearden Racing brought out an Audi R8 LMS GT2, a brand new race car for a brand new class of international racing, that happens to share its name with a defunct class of international racing! It was a sight to see. The GT2 cars have more horsepower than their GT3 siblings, but less downforce. That trade-off led to it fighting with the Makes & Models Super Trofeo Huracan EVO for the right to be the fastest tine top racer of the day. In the race, the Audi was nearly a second up on the Lambo’s fastest lap, but finished behind its German/Italian cousin.

The race also saw something a little different, and new. Well, new to me at least. And so, I put this question to you: what the hell is this thing? I know it’s some sort of open top, race legal car, but beyond that I have no idea. I don’t know what powers it, where it originated, or who makes it. I can tell you who drives it, and that it was the fastest damn thing out there, but what in god’s name is it??

Shawn Murphy set another record in TT1, however I didn’t get a good photo of him on track. So instead, here’s a photo of Dave on a bicycle:

There was a lot more that went on, but I think Dave on a bike is an excellent transition to the big gallery. Want a bigger photo, one with out the watermark, that can actually be printed? Well go here! Want me to make you a folder that I’ll constantly update with the photos I get of you over the year? Just ask! Hell, I might have already done it for you. ANYWAY, here’s this:

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