June 13, 2021

Tinners 2019

I have some more time on my hands with the apocalypse happening, so I’m going back and finding a bunch of stuff I never posted. Today’s example: last year’s Tinners meet. I made the arduous 7 minute drive from my house to Flat Iron Mesa Park in Sandy, ran into my old buddy Hector, wolfed down some ramen, and wandered around snapping photos.

First things first: there were some sweet Radwood era bikes, which I feel have been missing from our local J-Tin meetups. Some of the 80’s and 90’s Japanese sport bikes are still things of legend, and definitely put out the vibe of their era. It was nice seeing some of them make an appearance.

We had some solid mid-engine representation in attendance, in the form or a pair of NSXs and an SW20 MR2. There was another, but we’ll get to that in a minute!

As always, the headlight recesses on the S30 and S130s are timeless and need to have photos shot of them.

Ok, so this wasn’t a piece of classic J-Tin, but it is undeniably a classic: a Detomaso Pantera. Style from Italy, power from Detroit. It represents the era in which it was built so very well. There’s even a Carly Simon tape in the center console!

And of course: Skylines.

Hopefully we’ll be getting back to car hangs sooner rather than later. I’ll be digging through my hard drives and seeing what I’ve got that I’ve never posted, to try and keep the home fires burning.

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