July 27, 2021
V8 Supercars starting grid

V8 Supercars Video

Yes it’s almost been a year since we went to Circuit of the America’s for V8 Supercars. Yes we procrastinated to the point where we need a new word for what we’ve done. Nevertheless, a video using a less-than-ideal video camera has emerged and here is the fruit of our labor!

The photographic evidence is a bit more appealing, but the sound is lacking in still images. So feel free to read up on our past articles here and imagine the noises as you look over the pretty pictures.

V8 Supercars Austin 2013 Day 1

V8 Supercars Austin 2013 Day 2

V8 Supercars Austin 2013 Day 3

Trent’s Film from Austin

Words and Video by Trent Bray

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